Course details

December limited · Bungo Oita luxury food specialties dish ... 120 min drinks with all you can not afford 7000 yen 【sailing course】 Recommended course

7000 yen

(Rates are up to tax * 1/4)

  • 10items
  • 2-60persons
All-you-can-drink available

All you can drink for 120 minutes (+ tax for 500 minutes at + 500 yen without tax).+ Tax excluding 500 yen 【All premium drinks】 ⇒Menu of designation, also + 1000 yen for tax + 【premium all you can drink】 ⇒ In addition to specified menu, 【Special premium all you can drink】 menu with specified pleasures You can see.※ The premium all-you-can-drink price will be excluded from December.※

Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

Seki Aji · Book · Toro · Bungo Oita Osaka Luxury Fresh Fish ... Little Crab ... Bungo Cattle ... Pig Hat ... Mature Oku Bungo Pork ... etc.We use plentiful daily luxury ingredients abundantly and we will prepare luxury cuisines.You can use it in any luxurious situation, such as forgotten year party, company / organization, gathering from various banquets to small groups.You can enjoy a premium all you can drink at + 500 yen and enjoy a more luxurious menu.

Course menu

【2 hours with all you can drink / 7000 yen without tax】 ※ Course will be tax-exclusion price from December.

«+ With a tax of 500 yen, it will be a more luxurious drink menu than usual Premium Drink All-you-can-get course»

«+ In addition to 1000 yen tax excluded, furthermore, 獺 祭 · 智 美 人 人 net rice ginjiru Tengu Mai mountain waste disposal · some kinds of daily specialty sake (Nabeshima, Shintomi etc. ...) can also be enjoyed, with special premium drink unlimited course»

«+ With tax of 500 yen, it is also possible to enjoy each 180-minute relaxation course with each all you drink.»

【Small bowl】 · · · We will prepare daily items by season and purchase.

· Jelly snake crabs jelly

【Build-in place】 · · Some contents may be changed depending on the weather and purchase situation

· Seki Aji Ji, Honjo Torojiri, Angel Shrimp

· Today's fresh fish sashimi, red snapper stone, paddle brush stuffing, handmade


· Japanese ham ceasars eaten


· Bungo rice pot

【___ 0】

· Prawn with shrimp and mushrooms


· Deep fried fish

【Strong Relishes】

· Short-term maturation Charcoal grilling of Okuto Bungo pork loin


· Inari Sushi

· Miso soup

【sweet taste】

·Green tea pudding

All-you-can-drink menu

· Premium Maltflower Living · All-Free
· Specialty special highball
· Special horn high ball · Special horn high ball · Special angle corner premium ginger high ball 【All you can drink premium all you can】 ⇒ Yamazaki · Hakushu · Hibiki using each high ball can also be enjoyed.
· Shochu / Japanese sake
· Black Kirishima · Nikaido · Kanahachiya · Descendant of descendants · White waves 【All you can drink premium】 ⇒ Mt. Mt. Yamako · Kanako · Red Rabbit · Ocean · Middle · Yama Maomito / Sake] 【premium all you can drink】 ⇒ Takinoya
· Specialty cocktails
· Special Moscow Mail · Special Gym Buck · Special Ginfizz · Special Cassis Soda · Brad Screw Driver · Blood Fuzzy Navble · Blood Cassis Orange
· Wine / fruit wine
· Glass wine white · Glass wine red / Plum wine on the giraffe · Nigori peach · Nigori berry · Everywhere La France 【All you can drink premium】 ⇒ Nigori plum wine
· Homemade Sangria
· Homemade Sangria · Sangria Splitzer · Hot Sangria / Homemade Sangria of White Wine · Sangria Splitzer of White Wine · Hot Sangria of White Wine
·Soft drink
· 100% Orange · 100% Tropical · 100% Grapefruit · 100% Blood Orange · Cola · Ginger Ale · Ice or Hot Oolong
· 【Special premium all you can drink】 Available for +1000 yen for ordinary course with drinks
· In addition to the premium all-you-can-drink drinks such as brand shochu and Takatori shop, Hakushu, Yamazaki, Hibiki, you can enjoy the following specialty sake brands as well, all you can drink.【Festival Junmai Daiginjo · Chi Emirate Junmai Ginjo · Tengu Mai mountain abolishment preparation, and several daily denominations (Nabeshima, Shinmasa · Kohei Kuheiji etc. 3 to 4 kinds)】

2018/12/09 update