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December only · Bungo Oita all over Japan Luxury cuisine ... 120 minutes All you can drink with 9000 yen without tax 【Arrangement】 Premium course

9000 yen

(Rates are up to tax * 1/4)

  • 11items
  • 2-60persons
All-you-can-drink available

All you can drink for 120 minutes (+ tax for 500 minutes at + 500 yen without tax).You can enjoy the menu of the specified ⇒ all you can drink on premium at + 500 yen tax + on regular course with unlimited drinks.In addition, you can enjoy menu of specified 【Premium all-you-can-drink all-you-can-eat menu】 in addition to specified menu 【All you can drink premium】 + 1000 yen without tax on ordinary course with all you can drink.

Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

Seki Asaji Seki Mahjong · Trawlers · Honoring Toro ... Little Crab ... Bungo Cow Sirloin ... Kyo Duck Pot ....We use extensive daily luxury ingredients and prepared luxurious dishes.Farewell reception etc etc, companies / organizations, from various banquets to small gatherings can be used in all luxurious situations.+ You can enjoy a more luxurious menu by choosing the premium all you can drink at 500 yen without tax.

Course menu

※ From December, the price of the course will be exclusive of tax ※

【Small bowl】 · · · We will prepare daily items by season and purchase.

· Prefecture-born kelp of red pepper vinegar miso soup

· Jelly snake crabs jelly

【Build-in place】 · · · We will change the contents accordingly depending on the weather and purchasing situation.

· Tribulation Tsurugi, Seki Aji Sting, Seki Mackerel

· True sticks, angel shrimp

· Kabo sticky paddle, hand towel


· Japanese ham ceasars eaten


· Deep fried fish


· Yuzu hot pot of Keiko Loace


· Oita Wagyu Beef Bungo Cow Sirloin Charcoal Grill


· Seafood custard sauce


· Mackerel fried sushi

【Soup stock】

· Red soup of bungoi fresh fish

【sweet taste】

·Green tea pudding

All-you-can-drink menu

· Premium Maltflower Living · All-Free
· Specialty special highball
· Special horn high ball · Special horn high ball · Special angle corner premium ginger high ball 【All you can drink premium all you can】 ⇒ Yamazaki · Hakushu · Hibiki using each high ball can also be enjoyed.
· Shochu / Japanese sake
· Black Kirishima · Nikaido · Kanahachiya · Descendant of descendants · White waves 【All you can drink premium】 ⇒ Mt. Mt. Yamako · Kanako · Red Rabbit · Ocean · Middle · Yama Maomito / Sake] 【premium all you can drink】 ⇒ Takinoya
· Specialty cocktails
· Special Moscow Mail · Special Gym Buck · Special Ginfizz · Special Cassis Soda · Brad Screw Driver · Blood Fuzzy Navble · Blood Cassis Orange
· Wine / fruit wine
· Glass wine white · Glass wine red / Plum wine on the giraffe · Nigori peach · Nigori berry · Everywhere La France 【All you can drink premium】 ⇒ Nigori plum wine
· Homemade Sangria
· Homemade Sangria · Sangria Splitzer · Hot Sangria / Homemade Sangria of White Wine · Sangria Splitzer of White Wine · Hot Sangria of White Wine
·Soft drink
· 100% Orange · 100% Tropical · 100% Grapefruit · 100% Blood Orange · Cola · Ginger Ale · Ice or Hot Oolong
· 【Special premium all you can drink】 Available for +1000 yen for ordinary course with drinks
· In addition to the premium all-you-can-drink drinks such as brand shochu and Takatori shop, Hakushu, Yamazaki, Hibiki, you can enjoy the following specialty sake brands as well, all you can drink.【Festival Junmai Daiginjo · Chi Emirate Junmai Ginjo · Tengu Mai mountain abolishment preparation, and several daily denominations (Nabeshima, Shinmasa · Kohei Kuheiji etc. 3 to 4 kinds)】

2018/12/09 update