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Bungo Oita luxurious foods of various parts of Japan · specialty luxury cuisine ... 【cooking only】 6000 yen 【sailing seat】 Recommended course

6000 yen

  • 10items
  • 2-60persons
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

Seki Aji · Koboshi · Buri · Book · Toro Bungo Oita Osaka Luxury Fresh Fish ... Kuroge Wagyu Cattle Cattle ... etc.We use plentiful daily luxury ingredients abundantly and we will prepare luxury cuisines.We can use it in all luxurious situations from company / organization, various banquets and small gatherings such as welcome reception party.You can enjoy a premium all you can drink at + 500 yen and enjoy a more luxurious menu.

Course menu

【Small bowl】 · · · We will prepare daily items by season and purchase.

· Jelly snake crabs jelly

【Build-in place】 · · · Some contents are subject to change depending on weather conditions and purchasing situation.

· New brand Oata Wagyu's Tataki Sting,

· Seki Aji Ji, Honjo Torojiri, Angel Shrimp

· Today's fresh fish sashimi, red snapper stone, paddle brush stuffing, handmade


· Japanese ham ceasars eaten


· Kuroge Wagyu beef pan


· Prawn with shrimp and mushrooms


· Deep fried fish


· Short-term maturation Charcoal grilling of Okuto Bungo pork loin


· Seafood Ryukyu Inari Sushi


Red soup

【sweet taste】

·Green tea pudding

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